Our Kit Designs

Campervan conversion kits

An injection of colour and quality

If you're making a project of a stage conversion, an easy-assemble Cambee kit will make life easier. Each comes flat-packed or ready-made, with appliances or without them, letting you add components as and when you need them without breaking the bank!

Simple from start to finish

We build each of our kits around a framework of impenetrable birch ply and doors of solid Formica to ensure they will go the distance. Whether you go big or basic, each is easy to fit, pleasing to look at and thanks to sliding doors, no trouble to access. Simple but effective from start to finish.

Grand Tour Kit

For the committed DIY converter our Grand Tour kit is challenging and rewarding in equal measure. With room for a huge 3-way fridge, double SMEV hob and Zig charger and unlimited Formica choices for the doors and worktop, the Grand Tour kit is a solid foundation of your top spec camper.
Overhead lockers and appliances supplied at an additional cost

Classic Kit

Our pre-built “easy-fit” Classic Furniture kit consists of ready to fit wardrobe and kitchen units complete with installed Smev 9222 sink-hob, plumbed in 10l water container, pre wired 12v electrics and a gas kit. With a choice of 6 cabinet door colours, the Classic is our shortcut model, letting you fit out a camper in a weekend.

Pod Kits

Available fixed or portable, and in a variety of shapes and sizes, a pod unit’s the Cambee solution for campers who require lots of load space or more passenger seats i.e. sporty types and large families. Features include a combined Smev sink-hob combo unit, 49 L fridge, 12v control panel and 10 L water container with pump.

Bed Kit

A Cambee own design bed with easy-fit subframe is a doddle to fit in your T5. The subframe also allows quick and easy removal and refitting, ideal for staged conversions where the cabinets are coming later should you want to get more than a double bed in the back of your van.

Kit Parts

We're more than happy to supply you with all the parts we use in our conversions, from lighting and fridges to fabrics and roof racks, as well as to offer any advice you may need on fitting.