The Pod

Our campervan Pods make the ultimate weekender or clip-in day van.

The Pod

Built for Life

We’ve traded the full cabinets of our GT and Classic models for a bigger bed and a selection of simple pod kitchenette units in the Pod, for a spacious camper that’s geared towards weekend excursions and spontaneous dashes down to the surf.

Proving that compact kitchens don’t have to mean limited options, we fit long and short wheelbase, fixed and removable Pod units in a spectrum of cabinet colours. Each allows us to install the Cambee Triple Flex, our roomiest 5’x 6,3” R & R bed, or the Cambee Double Flex, leaving a handy through-space for bikes, baggage or just a little more legroom.

This setup is just the ticket for sporty types seeking a van to carry their kit but not wanting to sacrifice their creature comforts, like tea and a hot meal at the end of an action-packed day. There’s huge clear space beneath the bed for boards and kayaks up to 8’4”/ 2.54m(SWB) or 9’ 10”/3.0m(LWB) (or more with a single front seat), plus a lifting rear panel making room for 2 to 3 bikes in the boot ‒ all in all, space enough for a small army of action men to store their gear.

For those more inclined to relaxing than relays, the removable Pod unit can be set up for feasts al fresco out under an awning or on a starlit shore.

Ticking all kinds of boxes, the Pod also acts as an ideal family run-around, with up to 6 3-point seat belts all M1 safety tested.

Specification and Customisation

Make it yours


  • Panelling: Take your pick of our easy-clean faux suedes or classic pinhole fabrics to put a personal touch on the body of your panel van.
  • Tri-iso multifoil insulation: We fit this space-saving 10-ply foil throughout to provide maximum protection from the elements whilst leaving space for the voids to breath.
  • Flooring: Lay the groundwork with vinyl or rubber dot flooring in a bright or classic shade, or branch out into our non-stock options.
  • 2 x rear curtains: in your choice of matching or contrasting fabric with black-out backing. We hang these on aluminium rails for smooth running and fit the lower seams with magnets to eliminate light cracks.


  • Removable M1-tested Cambee Double or Triple Flex R & R bed. Our thoughtfully designed seat/beds with 75mm of foam and super lightweight frame.Settle on the Double or Triple Flex, then pick a favourite fabric from our pattern books (or source your own).
  • Cambee Folding Table. Locking neatly out of sight under the Cambee Flex, our specially designed table offers surface space as and when you need it.


  • 1 x 100 Ahr leisure battery and split charge setup
  • 12v control panel with battery meter and three way switching and a 12v socket for 12v DVD players et cetera.
  • 4 x master switched LED lights with a variety of settings, from bright beams to mood lighting.
  • Gas installation and certification


  • Pod unit. Our compact birch ply kitchens come in fixed or removable forms, long or short, with a range of hob, sink and refrigeration choices. Each includes a cutlery cupboard and fold away worktops. Pick your Pod, then choose from the 6 colours for the formica doors included in the price (powder blue, sea blue, red, pink, lime green or orange), or upgrade to unlimited options for a small extra cost.

For more details, view the full list of Cambee Pod campervan features.

Pod units

Fixed SWB

Fitted with a compact single burner sink/hob, 49L fridge and 12V electrics, the fixed SWB Pod is small in size but big on comfort.

It’s essentially our full-blown Classic kitchen in compact form, so we routinely recommend this as a space-saving alternative to the traditional side unit layout when sleeping and traveling space are of the essence.

Fixed pods fit discreetly behind the driver’s seat and leave space for a van-width R & R bed and a swivelling double front seat – the ultimate compromise between space and comfort.


• SMEV 8800 combination sink/single hob
• 12V whale pump
• 49L 12v Webasto fridge
• 10L removable water container


w: 50cm
d: 70cm
h: 77cm

Fixed LWB

The additional 40 cm feels more like a mile in the LWB, as it means we can fit 1m wide Pods without obstructing a full-width bed. This creates surface space for a larger electric pumped sink, double hob and the legroom for a rotating driver’s seat.

What you fill your cupboards with is completely down to you - opt for a 12v or 3 Way fixed fridge, a double cupboard and separate coolbox or forgo the fridge for a reduced price.

Additional flip up shelves on both ends of this Pod make for useful additional work surface


• 9222 SMEV sink/double hob
• 49L 12v Webasto fridge or 35L RC2200 Dometic cool box
• 12v whale pump
• 10 or 20l water container


d: 43cm
h: 77cm

Removable SWB

Taking flexibility up a notch, this unit trades the water system of the fixed Pod for the unlimited cooking possibilities of the Great Outdoors. Make sandy shores or forested glens your kitchen by simply taking your double, gas-powered hob along with you. Sticking closer to home, you can also set up shop under an awning or sun shade to reserve your van for lounging and sleeping.

In place of a fixed 49L fridge, the removable Pod combines with a wieldy 35L Dometic cool box, which can easily be wheeled down to the beach on its own for a few cold ones on a hot day. Water is provided by a simple container with tap or optional underbody watertanks can connect to a flexi tap.


• SMEV 8022 sink/double hob combo
• Aluminium Dometic RC2200 35L (50.8cmx50cm, 14kg)
• Water container with tap


w: 52cm
d: 43cm
h: 77cm

Bespoke Pods

We designed the Pod units in the interest of the comfort and individuality of our campers, so it would be counterproductive to tie ourselves down to only 3 models.

If your heart’s set on a tiny single-burner kit, a half removable/half fixed confection or you’ve dreamt up some other design that you believe will make your camper more comfortable, we’re more than happy to assist in making your plans a reality. Above we’ve listed our recommended appliances, but we can also source alternatives if you have another preference. Contact us to arrange a consultation and discuss bespoke design.

Recommended Extras

Rear Overhead locker

While side lockers are off the menu in a Pod () our single rear lockers are just as popular for a popular additional cubby hole. The panels either side of the drawer are a natural platform for speakers, where they aren’t going to get muffled by bags and bedding.

Dual under-bed locker

Exclusive to the Pod’s Cambee Triple Flex bed, these let you remove the large drawer for boards and kayaks, but leave the smaller in place with your essentials.

Driver’s seat spinner

Open up the spacious Pod interior even more with our best-selling front seat spinners on both the driver and passenger’s sides.

Safari roof

Raise the roof on your T5 for a den-come-seating space that’s a huge hit with tiny travellers. Great for keeping a watchful eye on their activities while a removable Pod steams away outside.

All in all, the number of potential Pod combinations are endless. For a full list of our Pod upgrades and accessories contact us

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